Thrown away and forgotten the minute we open a drink, the humble bottle-cap was transformed into a series of unique jewellery.

Each piece is a reminder that through care and patience, even the most mundane aspects of our lives have the potential to grow into something that is rare, unique, and beautiful.

Why bottle-caps?

This project was inspired by the trench art created by unknown artists and soldiers from World War II. Using the abundance of ammunition shells around them, these men and women would carve intricate sculptures for their families, or shape them into religious artefacts to remind them of what they believed in when times were hard. 

These empty ammunition shells were a signifier of the conflict around them, and yet, this same object could be transformed into something else, and tell a different story—one of survival, courage, and hope. While my experience is miniscule compared to what they had to endure, as a bartender, I found myself surrounded by an abundance of bottle-caps.

For years, they have been a signifier of a life revolving around long train commutes, working late nights, early lecture starts, too much coffee, and sometimes not enough of it. These bottle-caps represented years of monotony and hard work. Nearing graduation, I was hoping that they would, one day, represent something else, and show that something mundane would eventually be transformed into something remarkable.